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Personality: Peaceful Phlegmatic

This is a topic that I love most! Other than Body Language, of course. One tip that I learn for improving one’s writing skills is to write about one self and to write about the topic that matters to the

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Today I have made an achievement~ That is I’ve gone through the motorcycle lane at the Kajang Exit Tol. What an experience! Well, that is just to share my experience this morning. I shall continue talking about the topic I’ve

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Depression, anyone?

So life is continued on this beautiful day. I had a nice day today, sent my wife to a course for Little Caliph (LC) kindergarden and had my Double Shot Caramel Capp here in Gloria Jean’s (GJ) Kerinchi and surfing

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I notice that I would have something like endless train of thoughts whenever I am on the motorcycle or on the road driving a car. I would be thinking of sooooo many things, day dreaming of plenty of scene and

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I can’t help it but to smile… “Pakai kad. Touch n Go. Kalau ada mykad tu boleh pakai” I just brought out 2 RM1 notes from my pocket at that moment. ‘Oh?’ Was my only respons. Hastily I brought out

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Clear mind

“Wallahi, brother, no one can stop you from think about anything. Good, bad, no one can…” said Abdullah to me when he was describing, explaining to me a verse in Quran (2:284). In the respective ayaah, Allah said that for

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A Muslim Student

All praise to Allah for His ni’mah upon us, He is the one and only worth all praise to be forwarded to. Without His blessings we would not be able to be here where we are. WithoutHis Mercy, we will

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