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Personality: Peaceful Phlegmatic

This is a topic that I love most! Other than Body Language, of course. One tip that I learn for improving one’s writing skills is to write about one self and to write about the topic that matters to the

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Today I have made an achievement~ That is I’ve gone through the motorcycle lane at the Kajang Exit Tol. What an experience! Well, that is just to share my experience this morning. I shall continue talking about the topic I’ve

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Depression, anyone?

So life is continued on this beautiful day. I had a nice day today, sent my wife to a course for Little Caliph (LC) kindergarden and had my Double Shot Caramel Capp here in Gloria Jean’s (GJ) Kerinchi and surfing

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Last week I was given the responsibility as AMPACoordinator for AMPAC Bandar Baru Bangi Center. This responsibility comes at a time which I thought pretty challenging, if not very, considering on my financial and life status. Firstly, probably I am

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I notice that I would have something like endless train of thoughts whenever I am on the motorcycle or on the road driving a car. I would be thinking of sooooo many things, day dreaming of plenty of scene and

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Honestly. I’ve left this site of mine for aaaaaaaaaaaageeeeesssssssss~~~~~~ (this is how I Hyperbolised the emotion after seeing the web still alive) I saw this one email from Living Your Legend, sent by Scott Dinsmore who started a revolution through

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I can’t help it but to smile… “Pakai kad. Touch n Go. Kalau ada mykad tu boleh pakai” I just brought out 2 RM1 notes from my pocket at that moment. ‘Oh?’ Was my only respons. Hastily I brought out

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