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Keeping up the momentum

Alrighty. Its been several days that I didn’t write. Indeed, the responsibility that we have today are waaaaaaay much more than the time that we have. Oh, giving out reasons~~~ Now its my come back now that I literally force

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Personality: Peaceful Phlegmatic

This is a topic that I love most! Other than Body Language, of course. One tip that I learn for improving one’s writing skills is to write about one self and to write about the topic that matters to the

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Today I have made an achievement~ That is I’ve gone through the motorcycle lane at the Kajang Exit Tol. What an experience! Well, that is just to share my experience this morning. I shall continue talking about the topic I’ve

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Depression, anyone?

So life is continued on this beautiful day. I had a nice day today, sent my wife to a course for Little Caliph (LC) kindergarden and had my Double Shot Caramel Capp here in Gloria Jean’s (GJ) Kerinchi and surfing

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Politics in Malaysia…

…is like a playground with full of enthusiastic players in it as well as bystanders. The playground is filled with energy and the bystanders are laughing looking at many scene that took place in that playground. No doubts, there are

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Burn more calories in less time

Originally posted on Surpass the Limit:
In order to cut fat, you must burn more calories than you consume. However, many times the calories we burn from exercise just isn’t enough. This is where the after-burn effect comes in. First,…

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Last week I was given the responsibility as AMPACoordinator for AMPAC Bandar Baru Bangi Center. This responsibility comes at a time which I thought pretty challenging, if not very, considering on my financial and life status. Firstly, probably I am

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