Who am I?

Was born in January 5th, 1989, he is the youngest of 4 children of Abdul Razak and Arinawati. He doesn’t really have quite a nice memory about his childhood, but he knows he have been in Sabah for 11 years. Growing up as the youngest son in the family made him turn out to be the person who have complicated characteristic. Why? Let us hear from him…

“Nah… Not so much about me though. I just, love to be loved and to love the people who deserve to be loved. I don’t feel like sharing about me to Anonymous, but I would love to share about me to someone who I really trust, I have faith in them. So, ask me whether I felt like telling you who I am and what I am, besides the general fact that I am a homo-sapiens.

Yeah, i would like to be a good Muslim brothers. What does it means? It means A LOT. I can’t really describe it in words, but yeah. I just want to be a better person the next day I live in, a better Muslim, of course.

And Advancement of  The Wise means “Kemajuan Yang Bijaksana”, translated literally. That’s the meaning of my name, according to the book “Nama-nama Indah dalam Islam” and others who have the same category of it.

Somehow, its not an ultimatum. I mean, for those who knows arabic language, teach me and tell me the real meaning of my name. Hm…”

May Allah gives his blessing to the author and his reader


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