What are the signs of we are one of the people in this category?

  1. Reluctant to accept the truth delivered to us. Words always comes out to clarify what we did was right, just need a little bit of improvement.
  2. Hesitant to join in for something not dear to us. As example, we do not like to play football, thus, we make up reasons for not coming to the field. Well, know why are we suppose to be there at the first place. We are not playing for the sake of fun, but we are playing for the sake of ukhuwwah, don’t we?
  3. There, deep in our heart, lurk a feeling (it may be huge, it may be puny) that “I am better then them” even if it was modified to sound like this: “At least, I am better in the other way than him…”.

Mate, i do not know much. But that is what I found out after some time.


May Allah protect us from being an ignorant, egoist person.


Allahumma inna na’uzubika min annusyrikabika syai an na’lamuhu, wa nastaghfiruka lima laa na’lamuhu


Was born in January 5th 1989, the writer was brought up to view world in his own perspective. A lot have been counted as his interest, and lately, love to read like there is no tomorrow. By reading, the writer was encouraged to share his view/opinion/etc so that his life become more merrier. to know more about the writer, contact him at

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