It was a very tight match between 2 teams this morning. A match of what?



Yes ladies and gentlemen… Iiiiiiiiii~~~~~~ts VOLLEYBALL!!!!! (you know, the tone used in some show to exaggerate thing… That’s how you should read it, with full of emotion. XD)

3 matches in 1 and a half hour wasn’t really exhausting but its full of fun and challenge. Such as? Yeah, to cope with your team well as we never trained as a single team all the time, get some experts as well as some newbies in both teams, hence, guidance take a huge part in it, about trusting your team members where in the mean time, not to get over excited and self centered. Quiet a number of lesson that we could take (besides just having fun) if we really think about it.



Perhaps some would say Nah, they are just a game where one will have to jump around and just dig the ball. As long as it get into the opponent’s court and we obtain point, that’s enough. Nothing so much. hm…. Rugby way much better >:P”

They might wonder Oh, its just a game. Its for fun, eyh? Might as well you stare the plasma screen in your room playing Final Fantasy Advent Children using your newly bought console. Thats also for fun. Why the need to get out there? Hm… complicated…”

Or could it be this: “Volley? Yeap! I’m in. Get some sweat, train yourself to be a better player. Remembered the last time we played? I need to be on a better shape for this game.”
For what ever reason, one thing that I am really sure about this game is the ‘Competition between 2 teams’ (oh well, because I played volleyball and this idea came into my mind while playing, that’s why volleyball is the example that I used.). In our life, we can get rid of competition anywhere. Hence, how do we face it? The competition, that’s my concern.



Remembered the last time you are in a match (be it volleyball, rugby, soccer, etc.), what is the first thing in your mind? Winning? Owning? Make them suffer? Kill ’em all (oh… So unlikely, I reckon)?

X, kasi out!!!” a member of team A yell at the opponent while he was about to serve.

Jangan kasi dia menang! Matikan bola dia lepas ni” a member of team B, in return, yell at his teammates.

Winning is one thing that we would like to achieve when we are in a competition. Tell me, do you love to be at the losing side all the time? You’ve got to be kidding me if you say ‘Yes’. I know, I don’t like it. Somehow, is winning is the first concern? I beg to differ…

In any competition, I’ve always remind my self that winning is not everything, somehow, to unleash your optimum skill, capabilities in obtaining the ‘Win’ is above everything else. Why?

Say, you are the best team so far formed to play volleyball. A complete set; spiker, centre (or setter) and others who have adequate experience to play in the state level, was in a match with another team who I would say have no good basics nor experience in volleyball. Would you ensure you will win? Some say luck, I would say effort. If the ‘superteam’ played horribly, without any enthusiasm, underestimating their opponent, will they really win? On the other hand, the ‘so-so-team’ are doing their best while playing. Anything can happen…

*reminiscing how an extremely favoured team lose to the other team which was seen as an underdog in WRC 2008*

Now now, what I’m trying to say is that we need to do our best in any competition. Winning or losing is ‘adat permainan’. A draw? Well, who get the most appreciation by the supporter, they are the winner. Its because morally, they’ve given their best performance, that’s why they win. Winning a competition doesn’t mean that we want to see the destruction nor even devastation of the other team. For me, its more about how well have you perform in that particular competition. By points, you may be viewed as the losing team. Somehow, you know where you are standing and hence, in the next competition, improvement are required. When you win, that means you’ve improved and done your best, at that particular time.

Oh well, the biggest competition in our life is to ‘compete against our own selves, eyh?’

Or am I being an ultra-optimistic?


Was born in January 5th 1989, the writer was brought up to view world in his own perspective. A lot have been counted as his interest, and lately, love to read like there is no tomorrow. By reading, the writer was encouraged to share his view/opinion/etc so that his life become more merrier. to know more about the writer, contact him at

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