Noisy Miner, Indian Miner

24 April.

After the Friday prayer session, where a great sermont was delivered by the young khatib, on my way Chemical Science building to attend the tiring MEB lecture, something caught my attention.

In the middle of the road....

In the middle of the road....

A small creature was doing something in the middle of the road! And it manage to catch my attention (as I mentioned). When I observed more, oh! The bird (which is the small creature) is eating something that looks like a crushed biscuit, rolled by 4 wheel drive (car lah wei…). And the bird seem so hungry that it didn’t fly away when there are human passing by. It actually did, somehow, it came back when the road is empty.

Without hesitation I drew out my camera (its my sis’ actually…) to shoot some picture of ‘bird in action’. Now now… my action managed to attract a pedestrian’s attention. A decent middle aged white man.

“Its a noisy minor (pronounce ‘my-noah’)”

“Come again?”

“Its a noisy minor. It will scare off other birds to protect its territory. They will become very noisy when there are birds in their territory and hence, the name”

“Oh.. Thanks! How do you spell the name?”

“Its N.O.I.S.Y.M.I.N.O.R; Noisy minor.”

“Alright. Thanks again!

I reckon he is one of the lecturer in UNSW, not knowing of what school. But he knows about birds, thats one thing for sure…

Its eating~~

Its eating~~

I’ve decided to get to know about my ‘new friend’ more and here is where I get more information about him.

Well… Its an Indian Miner I reckon. What type of birds is not the thing that really make me interested. But… the thing that its doing is. Eating, need of all creature. And verily, Allah’s rezeki is everywhere.

Remind me of this: 62;10. And I found these as well: 62;4, 34;24.


Was born in January 5th 1989, the writer was brought up to view world in his own perspective. A lot have been counted as his interest, and lately, love to read like there is no tomorrow. By reading, the writer was encouraged to share his view/opinion/etc so that his life become more merrier. to know more about the writer, contact him at

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4 comments on “Noisy Miner, Indian Miner
  1. atif says:

    HAhaha interesting post, aku suka =D Apesal tak ambil video ke apa? Tried approaching it? I can’t find a wiki page on it though =/

  2. iqhakim says:

    actually I wanted to. tapi masa tu sekejap je dia sempat makan2. then, bila nak record video (after the conversation) burung tu terbang pulang ke sarang (I reckon).

    Yeah, tried to Wiki as well tapi tak berjaya. still, ada web burung2.

  3. Bethski says:

    LOL @ web burung2.

    Hehehe. OMG can you believe it this is the first time I visited your page? 😦 I’m sorry, just haven’t been paying attention lately…

    Anyhow… pretty cool post, I have to agree. Agaklah takut burung tu kene lenyek kereta 😦

    Hope you’re doing goodie, take care

  4. iqhakim says:

    Its an honour to have you visiting me page. 😀 well… people get pretty busy nowadays that they don’t really mind getting to know things that is they are not familiar with (including me. exam in a month…. T-T)

    and no worries! burung tu x kan kene lenyek sebab kereta2 x banyak waktu tengahari. hahaha… even kalau ada kereta datang dia pon xkan lari…….

    (sebab dia terbang pergi!!!!)

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