Working Hard

All praise to Allah

I’m still alive despite of the accumulating pressure inside my head due to the kicking start of this new semester.

Academically, I’m a bit lost as the subjects taken were not easy. Oh, there is nothing that easy unless one have taken the subject last year and repeat the same whole syllabus this year… -.-‘

Nevertheless, I shall work hard as I’ve got a new ‘work station’ at a new place! I shall work hard from now on! Many people are excellent, reckoning this, and I shall be among them. YES! Live a life of a student, fully, before setting off my foot from Uni world to be a better person.

These are the subjects:

  1. CEIC 2000 – About Thermodynamics and Material Balance
  2. CEIC 2001 – About Fluid Mechanics and Particle
  3. MATH 2019 – Advanced Engineering (It gives me headache every classes…)
  4. MATH 2089 – Consist of Statistics and Numerical strands, as well as Matlab.

Great. This semester I have to learn programming, yet, am not really sure whether I’m really into it or not. Compulsory subject means no choices mate…

P/s: I can’t upload pictures! Anyone, help please?


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2 comments on “Working Hard
  1. atif says:

    Mengapakah tak boleh? Bukan ko penah upload pics sebelum ni ke? @.@ (I remember that pepatung post)

    Hehe and good luck for the semester! =) I know I’m not enjoying my 2nd year too much =p

  2. iqhakim says:

    I do not know what happen lah bro, it just turn out to have some problem which is unknown problem. ai…

    And thanks mate. I’ll sure work hard for this.

    What?! 2 a.m.? Ok, its bed time…

    Best tak the new trade mark everyday? XD

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