February 2009

Alhamdulillah, all praise for Allah as he have allowed me to arrive here, the other part of the earth where I will learn more about life here, insyaAllah.

As I’ve mentioned in the short update, I’m going to tell what happened in February. A lot, really means LOT.

On the end of January, my late grandfather fell on the floor. He is old, yeah. 81 years old. Needed help in moving around, yet, am not living with any of his children. Since then, his condition became worse.

Also, in the end of January, I got all my docs ready for my departure to Australia. 6 February, attended the briefing with MARA and got my flight confirmed on 21 February. The next day, I went back to my grandfather’s place as he was seriously fall sick. He can’t open his eyes since morning. Many realtives from far came to visit him. Everyone was in aware, if its going to be his last day. Around 11 p.m. he woke up. Relieved, I would say, is the thing which can be detected on the face of all visitors.

With the realisation and awareness that he might be alright, though some of his cousins told my father that his time (my grandfather) is getting near, we left him as my parents are working parents. we only manage to went back to grandfather’s place during weekend.

Me? Was busy with training of the students in KKB for rugby MSSD tourney. The whole week, I was with the kids at the field. Telling them what to do, what not during games. Too busy with them that I didn’t spare my time to actually prepare for my departure.

The weekend came and we went back to grandfather’s place. He was ok. Can sit up straight, ate breakfast, ate things that were given to him.

Frankly, I’ve imagined in my mind it happen that he passed away on the day of my departure. That I would go to the airport alone without anyone accompanying me. Perhaps, I’m hoping for him to pass away? Not true. What i’m doing was preparing my self to face another death. Preparing my mental, and emotion, to face the reality.

The following week, I’ve been away from home for so long. I didn’t go to the field for rugby, or riadah, or to meet the kids. I was not at home, staying overnight, as I went to stay with my mother’s mom until Monday, visited 2 of my uncles at Hospital on Tuesday as they were warded due to their illnesses, and stayed at the hotel in KL as my mom had a seminar to attend and she asked me to spend my few days with her. Quality time she said, where I can go and buy my stuff when she was in the seminar. Good idea. Somehow, granddad suddenly fell very sick, again and we have to go to his place.

I saw his face, in agony. He refused to eat, drink, and he can’t speak at that moment. I touched his feet, left one cold whereas the right one is warm. Some people said its the sign of the time has come closer. His condition, I just could not offer any hand to help him to ease his pain. I just can’t. That night, Ayah was left behind to look after him whereas mom and me drove back to KL and stayed at the hotel.

It was Friday when I actually went out and bought all of my stuff to be packed. The night before, mom discussed with dad and they’ve decided to settle my bussiness before attending granddad.

Allah made the decision for us…

That evening, granddad passed away. Mom cried, as well as my eldest sister. We rushed back home. When we arrived, there he lay, very stiff, very still. Not breathing anymore, and eyes closed. He really does not resemble the way he looked as far as my memory is concerned. As he passed away late in the evening, the funeral have to be carried out the next morning as adviced by the imam. The same night he passed away, I went back home to pack my stuff. The next morning, at dawn, departed back to granddad’s place to attend the funeral.

For many years, mom and dad have been tested with lots and lots of tests by Him. Since the beginning of their marriage, till the day granddad passed away. They are just tough people, my King and Queen of my heart.

The funeral took place in the morning and ended around noon. Just the right time for everyone to have some rest before sending me to the airport. Of course, I’m talking about my nucleus family. Dad, mom and my sisters. Angah can’t make it to the airport due to the course that he have to attend, a compulsory one.

Well, thats what happened in February. To be honest to myself, I do not feel any regret for anything. I know, I’ve did my best. I was there when my parents needed me, and they were there when their parents needed them. Should I fell into the melancholy mood? For all the reality that had happened, should I felt miserable for all that I’ve been through? After all, this is life. We have to accept it. As what mentioned in the manual book of human’s life, every soul shall taste death (3;185). Just, prepare to face it…


Was born in January 5th 1989, the writer was brought up to view world in his own perspective. A lot have been counted as his interest, and lately, love to read like there is no tomorrow. By reading, the writer was encouraged to share his view/opinion/etc so that his life become more merrier. to know more about the writer, contact him at iqhakeem@gmail.com

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2 comments on “February 2009
  1. apecxz says:

    May Allah bless his soul.

    Bro, what a tough experience you had.

    I could say nothing, but saluting your positiveness.

    Yeap, this is life, which is planned by Him, the best plan from Him for his creatures.

  2. iqhakim says:

    Thanks bro.

    Its an experience, though I don’t take it as a tough one. After all, I’m not that close to him. Still, he is my grandfather, and I’m relieved to be there when its the last time for me to look at him.

    Life must go on my brother. Being positive is the only way that will drive me forward. What with the pessimistic, will I be able to cope up with everything going on? No

    And again, thanks brother.

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