1. Miserable boy at the waterfall

It was a trip to Fraser’s Hill, 4 families are to be gathered at the Police MES. Somehow, only 3 families managed to reach there on time. Hence, to kill some time that they have to wait for the 4th family to arrive, they decided to spent their afternoon at Jeriau Waterfall. The journey begun and they reached Jeriau Waterfall somewhere around 11.30 a.m. In order to get to the waterfall, visitors will need to walk for quite a distance. That was what the families did. Somehow, before reaching the waterfall, they have to stop as grandma can’t walk any further. The parents decided to have a picnic at the riverside whereas the boys decided to go to the waterfall (not very far from the picnic site but one will have to climb up and down the stair. When they reached there, a boy, who is wearing a spectacle, was awe-struck with the view. Though the waterfall is not as superb as the others he have been to, his heart still content awesomeness to the force of the water falling from the waterfall. Putting of his sweater, wearing a t-shirt and a thick long pant as his ‘swimming suit’, he went to the waterfall. Getting his body hit by the waterfall, he felt “Ah… Refreshing!”

Suddenly he noticed that the Alba watch that he wear got unattached and almost fell from his wrist. He decided to go to the ‘pondok‘ and put his Alba watch at his pile of shirt. Suddenly, he realized that his view is blurry. The world seems so blur that he felt awkwardness. Pondering, he went to the ‘pondok’ and said

Oh?! I didn’t put off my spectacle just now? Uh…

2. A story that I wanted to tell to the young boy

The boy who lost his spectacle at the Jeriau Waterfall was on his way to Shah Alam in a commuter from Putra to Shah Alam station. At one of the stations, many people came in and there was an indian family, from grannies to grandchilds, in the crowd. Grandpa, grandma and one of the grandchilds stood nearby the misfortuned boy. Upon departure, the boy was talking to his grandpa about so many things until they reached the next station. Then, the boy asked,

Are we going to stand all the way?

No no… We will get some place to sit, soon.

The misfortuned guy, upon hearing the question, stood up and give the sit to the boy. Hesitation at first, obidience the next. He stood in front of the boy. And he thought about telling the boy a story…

“Hey boy, do you know why I gave you this sit? Well, when I was as young as you, I went to a trip with my siblings and aunts. We took a bus. On our way back home, I was so tired and fall asleep, squatting. Then, a female lady stood and gave me her seat, where the brother who was sitting next to me let me rest my head on his shoulder. I appreciated their kindness though I’ve never know them until today. To express my gratitude, I gave you my seat with the hope that in the future, you’ll do the same. Give seats to the grannies, to the young children, and to those who are in need.”
Somehow, the story only circulates in my (the unfortunate boy) mind…

The lessons learnt:

1. Always remember what you are wearing currently.

2. Put off your spectacle when you want to go diving/swimming/sports

3. Be kind to those who deserve

p/s: I’m wearing a soft lense… And I feel weird…


Was born in January 5th 1989, the writer was brought up to view world in his own perspective. A lot have been counted as his interest, and lately, love to read like there is no tomorrow. By reading, the writer was encouraged to share his view/opinion/etc so that his life become more merrier. to know more about the writer, contact him at

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