Pesta Bola Merdeka 2008

It had been quite sometimes since I’ve last felt this kind of anxiety. I didn’t plan it in the first place to watch this match. The idea suddenly popped up when I meet ‘those kids’ at Surau talking about Pesta Bola Merdeka. At the DS there is no frequency for RTM1. No live broadcast of this event, hence. They asked if they could watch it at my place (of course) and that’s why I tune the channel to Astro 101 channel.

*Its Penalty Kicks currently (2324 hours)*

Seriously, Vietnamese goalkeeper is the man of the match. Hohoho… Huge amount of saves, full of confident. Oh yeah… He is the man of the match (though the tactics by the team is lack of sportsmanship in my humble opinion).

What important for me is the game play. I’ve been playing ruby since 2004 (not active lately) and all the while I’m in the field, what I look for is the sportmanship. Like the sayings “Adat permainan, ada menang ada kalah”, hence, the word ‘Win’ as well as ‘Lose’ does not really plays a great influence in my mini-carrier as a ‘rugger’ (hohoho). What makes me really pissed of is lack of sportmanship. Seriously, playing terrible dirty tricks (not smart dirty tricks), bias by the referee (though you are the master of the field!), lose of focus on the game (mostly on my teammates… -.-‘), those stuff seriously pissed me off.

Come back to the topic. It was a SERIOUSLY DULL match as both sides plays VERY LAME TACTICS (in my eyes lah….). Firstly, comment on my fellow citizens who played very well previously. It seems the rumours about our athletes have weak mind possession carry termendous weights (ape aku ngarut?). All of their tactics seems so ‘untactiful’ (is there such word?), the defense bunk was were easily penetrated, the motion of attacking is so not smooth… And the players kinda lost focus when being provoked by vietnamese (credits to the senior players as they show a very good example). It must be tough then playing at the field tonight. The pressure, oh yeah baby, it is very2 in tense!

About the opponent, dul tactic weh. Of course, they are seeking for ‘Win’ in the first place. Snatching the title from Malaysia, i have no other comments. Lots and LOTS of injuries for their player, quite bad attitude on the field (jom main ragbi! >:] ), very ‘unenergertic’ play, but cool shots for penalty. Padu, Padu dan PADU! And as I say, the goal keeper is the man of the match.

*Pause. 2351 hours. Ada game ragbi*

Being a very lack of experience commentator, I would say the game was so dull. No exact details by the way, as the game is just simply dull… I can’t help it to write a dull comment on the dull game. As dull as grey… grey, dull, grey…

It could be they’ve did their best. Somehow, its not enough.

First, we’ve got to understand that our role is to make the efforts. In the end, still, its God’s willing whether we deserve what we expected. Whats best for us, only He knows.


the adrenalin rush has depleted


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