Rejeki namanya…

“Apabila salat telah dilaksanakan, maka bertebaranlah kamu di bumi; carilah karunia Allah dan ingatlah Allah banyak-banyak agar kamu beruntung.”

(Quran, 62;10)

Dianjurkan dalam Kalamullah, untuk mencari rezeki, yakni karunia daripada Rabbul ‘Izzah kepada sekalian makhluq.

“Maka apabila engkau telah selesai (dari sesuatu urusan), tetaplah bekerja keras (untuk urusan yang lain), dan hanya kepada Tuhanmulah engkau berharap.”

(Quran, 94;7-8)

Dianjurkan dalam Kitabullah, untuk berusaha keras dan sentiasa berusaha, serta meletakkan harapan hanya kepada Allah ‘Azzawajal

I was with my brother on that day, walking down the roads in Klang heading to a taxi stand so that we can catch a ride to our aunt’s house. We took a ride in a cab of a quite old indian uncle. Being in the ‘friendly mood’, both os us (my brother and I) interviewed him.

“Uncle lama dah drive taxi?”

“Baru juga. Dalam 2-3 bulan saja.”

“Oh? Baru betul…”

The conversation were carried on until the interesting part…

“Uncle, you pensioner ke?”

“Oh, saya banyak bikin kerja juga. Kerja driver, kerja angkat barang. Tapi sebab sudah kena by-pass saya kerja berat tak boleh bikin. Jadi, saya sewa ini teksi, mau cari makan. Tinggal berdua sama auntie, ok la. Cukup bikin makan bawa teksi. Kalau satu hari dapat 20 ringgit, cukuplah. Sepuluh ringgit pakai duit minyak, sepuluh ringgit lagi buat makan la”

And the conversation were carried on…

I do not know whether the uncle is a Muslim, or a Hindu. In the conversation, i noticed he said (quite a number of times)

“Ini pon itu Tuhan Allah ada banyak tolong juga. Saya banyak syukur”

This uncle proved to me, the rezeki of Allah is everywhere. What differs is how one look at it. If with sepuluh ringgit it is sufficient for us to eat for the whole day, it is enough. If one believe that it isn’t enough, then it isn’t. As simple as that, eh?

The taxi driver that i met have 6 children, a daughter died when she was still so young. the other 4 daughters are married, and his only son ran away from home. it had been 10 years since they last met. the only person who live under his love and care now is his wife, who suffered from several diseases. though the taxi driver have siblings who are rich, he does not want to rely on them.

with his current heatlh condition, it is possibly the best for him to have a good rest after all the hardship raising up his children. Yet, things do not happen as such. He take the initiative to earn a living, as he is the main breadwinner of his house. And he never give up or sighing about his current life. What he did was always smile and share his experiences with others. And the best part is, he is thankful for the sepuluh ringgit obtained from his hardship driving a taxi, though it is sufficient for only one day meal.

Great isn’t it?

What about us?


Was born in January 5th 1989, the writer was brought up to view world in his own perspective. A lot have been counted as his interest, and lately, love to read like there is no tomorrow. By reading, the writer was encouraged to share his view/opinion/etc so that his life become more merrier. to know more about the writer, contact him at

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